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Rhosonics Analytical BV

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Rhosonics helps the industry to use ultrasonic technology for in-line measurements. The real-time process data allows operators to achieve process optimization in a safe, reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective way. This is how Rhosonics contributes to a greener and smarter industry.


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Proven process insights for a greener and smarter industry

We are passionate in creating sustainable ultrasonic measuring technologies in collaboration with our partners by providing dynamic and efficient solutions.

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“We strive to contribute to a greener and smarter industry. We see it as our job to develop and supply reliable measuring technologies that will allow our customers and partners to optimize their production processes and become more sustainable and efficient. Participating in WoodYouCare's CO2 compensation program further supports this mission.”

Martijn Boerma
CEO, Rhosonics Analytical BV

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Rhosonics - Proven Process Insights

Founded in 1992, Rhosonics develops sustainable ultrasonic measuring instruments for process optimization.

Rhosonics is based in the Netherlands, in Putten. At our headquarters, we design, produce, and supply state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors and analyzers for different industries, such as dredging, mineral processing, and semiconductors. The company cooperates with distributors and system integrators to offer the best technological solutions for specific applications.

Ons doel dit jaar is om 1.000 bomen planten

Martijn Boerma

CEO van Rhosonics Analytical BV

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